Lowongan Pertamina

Lowongan Pertamina - PERTAMINA is the oil and gas company owned by the Government of Indonesia (National Oil Company), established on December 10, 1957 under the name PT PERMINA. In 1961 the company changed its name to PN PERMINA and after the merger with PN PERTAMIN in 1968 his name became PN PERTAMINA. With the passing of Law No. 8 of 1971 as the company became PERTAMINA. The term is still used after PERTAMINA changed its legal status to PT PERTAMINA (PERSERO) on September 17, 2003 pursuant to the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 22 of 2001 on 23 November 2001 concerning Oil and Natural Gas.

Lowongan kerja di Pertamina

We have upstream to downstream oil, gas and geothermal operations. We have exploration, refining, distribution to retail marketing and sales. Now, we are not only operate through out Indonesia but also overseas. We are moving fast through transformation programs. Imagine the changes and challenges, work opportunities and experience where you can pursue goals, develop new capabilities and skills, change career path and explore new opportunities

General Requirements:

• As per the nature of work preferably male.
• Age maximum 24 years in 2011.
• Education end of D3 Engineering Department of Chemistry, Chemical Analysis, Chemical Industry, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering Craft (Electrical), Electrical Engineering Flow Weak (Instruments), Environmental Engineering.
• GPA of at least 2.75
• Accreditation of majors preferred A.
• TOEFL score of at least 400
• Willing to be placed around the working area of Pertamina.

For more information visit the career menu or click www.pertamina.com www.pertamina.com / recruit.

Closing date : October 28, 2011
Details & Apply Online : Lowongan Pertamina

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