Lowongan kerja PT. PETEKA KARYA GAPURA (PKG) - Here is a brief discussion of PT. PETEKA KARYA GAPURA (PKG):

PKG or PT. PETEKA KARYA GAPURA is a subsidiary of PT. Pertamina Tongkang, where PT. PETEKA KARYA GAPURA is a company serving Intermasional Shipping Services, Provider of labor, and serve the general trade.

Currently PT. PETEKA KARYA GAPURA (PKG) has a branch company in the following cities: Plaju / Sei Pakning, Batam Island, Tanjung Perak Surabaya, Balikpapan, Bontang, Tarakan and Sorong.

The speed and confidence is a commitment PKG in serving customers with the aim to provide satisfaction to customers in creating a good quality of work. In working PKG is guided by the values ​​to create a sense of Professionalism, Integrity, and Good Corporate Services.

With the support of shareholders, PKG is expected to move forward in achieving a high reputation based on reliability benefits of IT and HR forward in Regional Expansion International.


To support the operation of Gas Tanker used by Pertamina, while in PT. PETEKA KARYA GAPURA are requiring workers to be placed in Gas Tanker


Deck Officer: ANT I, ANT II, III ANT
Engineer Officers: AU I AU II, III AU
Rating: ANTD, AUD

Must have a certificate of Liquid Gas Tanker (LGT)

Please send your CV to:
Email: pkgpusat@pekage.com
fax: 021-85916948

good luck...

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