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Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Inamco Varia Jasa

Lowongan Kerja Inamco Varia Jasa - Inamco Varia Jasa is a company engaged in the services in the management, provision and workforce development for the mining and energy sector infrastructure development. Inamco Varia Jasa strive to continually improve service and performance. Now, Inamco Varia Jasa was in need of employees who have the skill and dedication to the position as:

Lowongan Kerja Inamco Varia Jasa


√ S1 Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.
√ Have at least 5 years working experience as a workshop head in the field of automotive or heavy equipment maintenance.

The experience shall be, but not limited to:
√ Familiar in repair and maintenance of Heavy Equipment such as; Dump Truck, Dozer, Excavator, Loader, Motor Grader, Crane, etc.
√ Familiar with prepare administration budget, operational budget, statistics and maintenance budget.
√ Review customers service orders and inspect the quality of a technician repairs before the release of Heavy Equipment.
√ Planning and coordinating maintenance work to ensure efficient deployment of labor, parts and equipment resources.
√ Reviewing equipment maintenance history and costing for short and long term plans sp that maintenance strategy can be developed.
√ Preparation of weekly, monthly & 12 weekly maintenance plans including cyclic preventative plans.
√ Providing written reports on planning activates as required.
√ Has knowledge of maintenance planning, workshop operation procedure and standard.
√ Technical capabilities (understand the function and construction of trucks, overhaul, dismantling and assembly, trouble shooting, etc).


• Minimum Education from Senior High School.
• Have at least 5 years working experience in related position.

General Responsibilities:
• Familiar with Excavation, Cut and Fill, Land Clearing, Leveling, Stripping, Earthmoving (Hauling and Dumping), bridge construction, install culvert, wire mesh, land reclamation, access road, dams, waste treatment plant, concrete structure, etc.
• Estimate and calculate heavy equipment need and specification.
• Preparing for work and leading the earthworks moving, excavation and ensuring their safety at all times.
• Following the earthworks project plan and maintaining the schedule of excavation, land clearing and hauling works.
• Experienced in concrete construction jobs, civil structural, road construction, form work and water lines, dam, shotcrette, slope, land clearing and other earthwork activities.
• Experienced in the supervision and use some heavy equipment such as: Dozers, Excavators, Haul Truck for slope, cut and fill, hauling, excavating, loading, etc.
• Has experience in land work, Earthwork (Dam, Casting / Concrete, road works, stockpiling and placement of soil and rock).


• Minimum Education S1 Degree in Environmental Engineer, Chemical Engineering and Public Health.
• Have 1 – 3 years working experience in related position.
• Fresh graduate are also welcome with some Training Certificates.
• Male and Female with 22 - 28 years old.
• Familiar with Microsoft Office.
• Language proficiency verbal and written in English.

General Responsibilities:
• Participates in developing hazardous waste rules and regulations to protect people and environment.
• Assists in developing comprehensive waste management programs and reviews plans.
• Conduct and design environmental programs and socialization.
• Performing, analysis and creating programs of waste into useful products.
• Determines hazardous impact and recommends corrective action.


√ At least 3-5 years working experience for Senior High School.
√ At least 2 years working experience – D3 or equivalent education in majoring Technical discipline.

The experience shall be, but not limited to:
√ Familiar with and well understand of soil quality test such as; Atterberg Limit, Triaxial Test, Sand Cone, Proctor, CBR, and DPC.
√ Monitor product quality to ensure compliance with standards and specifications.
√ Documenting, recording, entering, transcribing, storing, maintaining and testing materials include soil and concrete.
√ Shall be in good health and physical condition as proven by medical certification.


• Senior High School with minimum 7 years experience.
• D1, D3 Civil / Geodetic with minimum 5 years experience.
• S1 Civil/Geodetic with minimum 3 years experience.
• Familiar in use Digital Theodolit and Total Station.
• Have good knowledge to determine precise location and measurements of points, elevations, lines, areas, and contours for construction, mapmaking, land division, titles, mining or other purposes.
• Able to operate computer program such as; AutoCAD, Surpac, Global Mapper, Land Development, Minescape, etc.

General Responsibilities:
• Take measurements with measuring devices and appropriate manner.
• Collect data, correction data, calculate the measurement data manually and computerize.
• Measurement development of a new area.
• Take measurements & measuring devices in a manner consistent.
• Draw a map from measurement data either manually or computerize.
• Check the level of mining with the appropriate measuring tool.
• Creating / installing signs on site: altitude levels, limit excavation, the location handling high MgO content, etc.
• Identification and preparation of maps and other relevant documents.
• Sort, organize, store, maintain and administration of the maps / important documents, structuring, storing samples and results of exploration core gold.
• Implement ISO 9002 & 14001 and Perform standard ISO 9002 & 14001 related.
• Storage and maintenance of measuring devices and check the condition of the appliance clean regularly.
• Data collection / measurements on the steep cliffs.
• Planning the measurements, check the level of mining is required each semester or each need.


√ At least 8 years working experience – D3.
√ At least 5 years working experience - S1 (or equivalent) education in majoring Technical discipline.
√ Have 3 years working experience as Tubular lnspector for petroleum oil & gas drilling purposes in the COMPANY.

The experience shall be, but not limited to:
√ Tubular lnspector for petroleum oil & gas drilling purposes.
√ Having solid background in Non Destructive Testing and tubular inspection for petroleum oil & gas drilling purposes.
√ Certified ASNT level II Ultrasonic Inspection, Magnetic Particle Inspection, and Dye Penetrant Inspection.
√ Having additional as Welding lnspector is preferable.
√ Certified as various thread inspector.
√ Familiar with and well understand of relevant International Standard and COMPANY S Specification for tubular goods used for petroleum oil & gas purpose as well as the drilling tools I equipment.
√ Familiar with material management system software applied in the COMPANY.
√ Mature, honest, independent, strong personality, proactive, and have voluntary will to perform his duties.
√ Good communication in English both written and verbal.
√ Computer competent and able to use Microsoft Office, and must be able to pass a computer literacy test.
√ Pass the COMPANY standard test.
√ Shall be in good health and physical condition as proven by medical certification.

Interested applicants have to be ready to be assigned in remote area, please kindly send in detailed resume stating expected salary and availability to:

Jl. Poltangan No. 48
Jakarta 12530, Indonesia
Phone: (62-21) 78837610 (Hunting)
Fax: (62-21) 78837578
Website : www.inamcomanpower.com
Or E-mail : recruitment@inamcomanpower.com (src : www.inamcomanpower.com)

Info Lowongan Kerja Terbaru November 2011

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